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Why Use ?

HomeQ saves homeowners money by connecting them to pros that
can help them solve their problems right over the phone.

Home owner

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Convenience
  • Privacy/Security/Safety
  • DIY made simple


  • Immediately increase your paid productivity
  • You get to say when you work
  • Work remotely from any location
  • You determine the flow of your new revenue stream
  • Get paid after every call (Earn $50 or more after every call)

How does it work?

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In a matter of a few minutes and clicks, enter your info to get rapid access to one of our highly vetted TelePro™ Contractors.

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Choose one of our highly rated contractors and seamlessly schedule a TelePro call. Once your call is booked, you can chat and even send pictures and videos prior to your call.

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Our contractors are highly vetted and interviewed to make sure that they are the highest quality professional. We take the guesswork out, and get you the best fast!

Check out what our users are saying...

“I've been in the HVAC industry for over 15 years and have used almost every service provider for lead generation and had the same bad experience paying thousands of dollars without any reward. But, after using HomeQ I was sold immediately. It gives contractors so much data and information prior to an in- home visit. There are so many features in here that fits perfectly for all tool belts in the field.”

Matt Cardon
Beantown HVAC

“I recently had a local painting company paint the whole interior of our house and due to the covid19, we are unable to have the contractor in our house until it’s over. So, as I and my husband started getting stir crazy in the house we decided to paint what wasn’t finished. So, we reached out to our contractor and he mentioned Call A Pro and HomeQ sent us a link to download the app. We completed out two bathrooms with the help of HomeQ’s service; it was also a fun experience for both of us. We will be using HomeQ for our future needs.”

Carey Sullivan
Weymouth MA, Homeowner

“I own multiple rental units in Milton and Dorchester and recently needed to hire a contractor to look at one of my properties because of a recent water heater issue. I got asked to test HomeQ and have had it on my phone for weeks and I finally opened it up created a flag uploaded videos and pictures of the problem and within minutes a contractor reached out the process was seamless. One of the features I like is that the user has the choice to allow the contractor to call you or not. It minimizes the annoying calls from 20 different contractors.”

Nick Depina

The Experience

Our Call-a-Pro feature accelerates trust and transparency between homeowners and contractors.
Our TelePro feature allows homeowners and contractors to connect for onsite professional service quickly
and seamlessly.